Three Russian Fairy Tales
The Firebird • Prince Ivan and the Frog Princess • The Snow Queen
A three-disc gift set

Carol Rosenberger, piano
Natalia Makarova, narrator
Gerard Schwarz, conductor
Seattle Symphony

A three-disc set presenting “some of the world’s best and most accessible music together with stories that inform while they entertain. …Stories of young people who are kind and brave, who make the most of their individuality, and who persist in the face of difficulties in order to reach goals larger than themselves.

“Fortunate is the child who has access to a storyteller, enabling that young person to create his own worlds far beyond the limits of a cinematographer’s camera. We hope that this series will help to stimulate a lifetime participation in the world beyond the everyday — the world to be found in literature and the arts.”—Amelia S. Haygood, Delos founder

“The appeal extends far beyond the chronological limits of ‘young people’, for these delightful releases contain treasures which will appeal to the ‘young person’ in each of us.”—Platter Chatter