All The Heart of Me

The Choirs, Soloists and Orchestra of The Crane School of Music

The Choral Music of Margaret Ruthven Lang

“… (her music) is so sincere, so true to the underlying thought, that it seems to me to have an unusual chance of interesting attention and stirring emotions increasingly with the years.” —Rupert Hughes in Contemporary American Composers, 1900

The late music of late-Romantic composer Margaret Ruthven Lang (1867-1972) – though quite well known in her time – fell into near-total neglect after she stopped composing in 1919. Following Delos’ earlier surveys of her art songs (
DE 3407, DE 3410) and piano music (DE 3433), we now offer her beautifully crafted and appealing choral music, in the hope of restoring Lang to her rightful place among America’s most remarkable composers.

The program’s five substantial sacred works and nine secular pieces (many unpublished) are performed with skill, sensitivity and commitment by various outstanding vocal, choral and instrumental artists from the Crane School of Music at The State University of New York, Potsdam. urgency.

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Sacred Works

Secular Works

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