With July 4 upon us, it’s time to remember where we come from as a nation – and to rekindle the kind of old-fashioned collective Patriotism that often gets lost in the turmoil of daily life. What better way to bolster your American pride than with great oratory and music? Delos can help.

Our new download album, American Patriotic Music (DE 1626), offers a winning array of American music, including glowing choral standards from America, the Golden Dream (DE 3203) and stirring marches from The Original, All-American, SOUSA! (DE 3102). Then, from Portraits of Freedom (DE 3140), there’s the deeply moving rendition of Abraham Lincoln’s deathless words, as set to music by Aaron Copland and narrated by “the Voice,” James Earl Jones. Let Delos help you celebrate our great nation’s birthday!