Baby Needs Classical Music

Delos’ highly acclaimed Baby Needs series consists of 10 CDs, for which the musical selections are lovingly chosen according to their potential appeal and developmental value to young listeners. Early exposure to the classics has proven to be an effective means of instilling in children a lifelong love of great music.

“…an enchanting collection of softly and beautifully played favorites … wonderfully soothing for the ears of very young children … sure to prove a delight for the whole family to share as the little ones are introduced to the joys of classical music” —
Parents News (UK)

We release the 10 CDs of the popular Baby Needs series as a complete box set to cap Delos’ 40th anniversary year, as well as to pay fond tribute to the legacy of our founder, psychologist Amelia Haygood. Under her guidance, the company has ever embodied her abiding concept of great music as an effective means of promoting the learning abilities as well as the artistic and aesthetic development of the very young. Each individual CD explores either the music of a different composer or a particular theme, hence the assorted titles: (“Baby Needs”) Mozart • Baroque • Lullabys • Guitar • Bach • More Mozart • Brahms • Beethoven • Papa Haydn • Beauty.

  • A specially priced 10-CD set encompassing Delos’ entire Baby Needs series: a groundbreaking compilation of classical music for young listeners
  • Classical music has been proven to promote learning ability in the very young, as well as to stimulate their artistic and aesthetic development
  • The performances – from Delos’ stellar roster of global A-list musicians – all reflect exceptional artistry, technical mastery, and audiophile-quality sound