Between the Kiss and the Chaos

Composer Tracy Silverman

Tracy Silverman, electric violin; The Calder Quartet

“Electric violinist Tracy Silverman could become classical music’s newest rock star.” —The Nashville Scene

“What informs almost every bar … is the blazing virtuosity of Tracy Silverman … you will be astonished that anybody can play the fiddle like that.” —Chicago Tribune

In this ear-­grabbing new release from Delos, we get to revel in both the compositional wizardry and the stunning electric violin virtuosity of Tracy Silverman: perhaps the leading exponent of his instrument. Like quite a few other leading composers of our day, he spices his heady creations with classic American genres like jazz and rock, achieving a fascinating contemporary fusion that will beguile a huge range of modern listeners.

The CD’s centerpiece is a chamber version for electric violin and string quartet of his second violin concerto, “Between the Kiss and the Chaos.” Its five movements are inspired in turn by iconic individual masterpieces of visual art by Van Gogh, Michelangelo, Matisse, Picasso and O’Keefe – making it something of a latter-­day Pictures at an Exhibition. The result is music that is catchy and immediately appealing, yet cerebral and often profound. Expert and enthusiastic collaboration comes courtesy of the Calder Quartet.