Everybody knows that exercise can facilitate optimum health for all ages. But in trying to stay with a regular exercise program, many of us have experienced a common stumbling block – the monotony of repetition. Exercising to music has proven to be an especially rewarding way to avoid that monotonous feeling and to keep an exercise routine fresh and enjoyable. Pleasant, stimulating sounds and rhythms help to keep motivation high, promote the deeper breathing which brings oxygen to the muscles, and encourage a positive attitude about the next session. It is with such an enhanced routine in mind that we have created a disc containing some of the most stimulating passages from great music of the Masters. We have put together a 47-minute program of upbeat classical repertoire – some of which will sound very familiar to you – followed by an 11-minute cool-down section of classical music that is soothing and relaxing in nature. We’ve tailored the music to fit a wide range of workout regimes, from organized exercise in your health club to your own personal routine – whether it be walking or any other form of movement that works for you. Exercisers should note that the music program alternates its tempo, building to faster-paced sections and stepping back to slower-paced sections throughout the 47 minutes. Health experts recommend a varied pace for the best cardiovascular and anaerobic workout. So take a few moments from your daily grind, strap on ‘Classical Fitness,’ and exercise your way to a healthier, happier state of being! Important note: Before starting any exercise program, first consult a physician.

Workout Section (47 minutes) * Handel: Water Music II, Alla Hornpipe * Mozart: Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, Rondo * Prokofiev: Classical Symphony, I * Mozart: Symphony No. 40, IV * Copland: Rodeo, Hoe-Down * Grieg: Holberg Suite, Praludium * Mozart: Symphony No. 41, ‘Jupiter,’ IV * Hummel: Trumpet Concerto, III * Mozart: Clarinet Concerto, III * Handel: Water Music I, Hornpipe

Cooldown Section (11 minutes) * Schubert: Impromptu in B-Flat, Andante * Mozart: Clarinet Concerto, Adagio