An hour of beautiful music fit for a princess!

Julia Callender, age 5, has chosen the music in this album for playing dress-up with her friends. “Music makes playing dress-up a lot more fun!” Julia says. “Music helps you become a princess or a ballerina. You can sing and you can dance. I like to jump around when I’m dancing. I like dress-up even better than soccer.”

Val Smalkin, Musical Notes: “This album is guaranteed to turn any young princess, or prince, into a classical music lover!”

Includes: Sleeping Beauty Waltz, Dance of the Young Girls, Lovely Scene, Entrance of the Princess, Beauty and the Beast, Sadie’s Waltz, Nutcracker Dance, Chinese Dance, Dance of the Reed Pipes, Waltz of the Flowers, Serenade, Waltz Time, The Stream, Red Poppy Waltz, Waltz of the Prince & Princess, Happily Ever After, Dance of the Ice Crystals, Reunion with the Gypsy Girl, The Child Juliet, Joking