Classical Wellness Box Set

A winning assortment of time-tested and drug-free musical remedies for a wide variety of common ailments … ranging from mental and physical lethargy through a bad case of the blues to that up-tight, jittery feeling (among many other maladies). It’s good for what ails you!

Ever since Amelia Haygood (a former psychologist) founded Delos in 1973, the company has operated according to the concept of great music as therapy. As a reminder of that unshakable founding principle in 2013 – Delos’ 40th anniversary year – we offer a set of three carefully compiled previous CD releases, each of which is expertly formulated to alleviate different afflictions of the body, mind and spirit! All musical selections were chosen with both their proven “medicinal” benefits and the outstanding artistry and technical quality of their performances: all from Delos’ stellar list of global A-list musicians.

  • Laugh With Classical Music (DE 1627): A sure-fire assortment of humor and outright comedy in great music that’s guaranteed to banish the blues and make you grin, giggle, or even LOL! As they say, “laughter is the best medicine”!
  • Classical Caffeine (
    DE 1628): Have too many trips to your local coffee shop left you feeling strung-out and dreading that inevitable post-espresso crash? For a healthier (and happier) energy boost, simply substitute Classical Caffeine!
  • Classical Chamomile (
    DE 1629): Are you: Overstressed? A nervous wreck? Prone to panic attacks? Simply sip a sonic cup of Classical Chamomile, Delos’ trusty tension banisher: sure to manifest a mellow mood and relaxed frame of mind!