Organ Spectacular

David Briggs, organ

The Organs of First Congregational Church, L.A.

Delos has long been heralded as a producer of some of the most universally respected organ recordings in the history of recorded music. Much attention is paid in the scouting out of those organists most highly regarded in the organ community, in recording organs of great merit, and, of course, in capturing the performance and delivering it on CD with the highest caliber sound. 

David Briggs: Organ Spectacular is another recent installment in Delos’ organ catalogue, and again delivers on all fronts. Mr. Briggs is the Director of Music at Gloucester Cathedral, and is known for his consistent worldwide tour schedule. He has been compared to Dupre and Horowitz, and is the nominated successor to Virgil Fox and Pierre Cochereau. For this CD program, Mr. Briggs has chosen a cornucopia of great organ music, and performs the works of many composers known for their exceptional understanding of the instrument. The organs (there are two – one placed in the back of the church and one in front) so adeptly played by Mr. Briggs are the great organs of First Congregational Church of Los Angeles. This remarkable instrument is said to be the largest church organ in the world!
Improvisation: Prelude, Adagio and Chorale Variations on ‘Ein Feste Burg’; Coronation March ‘Orb and Sceptre’ – Sir William Walton; Nocturne (from ‘Shylock’) – Gabriel Faure (arr. Virgil Fox); ‘Will o’ the Wisp’ – G. B. Nevin; ‘Carillon de Westminster’ (Pieces de Fantaisie) – Louis Vierne; Sonata on the 94th Psalm – Julius Reubke