Jane Antonia Cornish, composer

Artists: Lee Trio; Miranda Cuckson; Blair McMillen; Alyssa Park; Kathleen Sloan; Brett Banducci; Vanessa Freebairn-Smith;

Chamber Music by Jane Antonia Cornish

British Academy Award-winning composer Jane Antonia Cornish is a rising talent on the international scene, with many other awards and distinctions to her credit. Known primarily for her remarkable film scores, she has also garnered well-deserved acclaim for her accessible and skillfully wrought symphonic and chamber compositions.
In this, her debut release on Delos, three of her stunning chamber works are offered in world premiere recordings: winningly delivered by the Lee Trio, as well as a roster of topnotch solo and chamber musicians.

Cornish’s music contains powerful extremes, evoking archetypal themes of light and darkness.
Duende, for piano trio, takes its listeners from sublime tranquility to deft abandon. In Luce, for string quartet, suggests an expanse of solitary isolation, with slivers of light attempting to shine through a fractured and desperate tableau. Clair-Obscur, for violin and piano, favors breadth of space within a context of ever-growing urgency.