Delos concludes its Grammy-winning partnership with Maestro Zdenek Macal and the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra with this powerful recording of Dvorak’s ‘Te Deum’ for Soprano, Baritone, Chorus and Orchestra. Also included in this special release is the Psalm 149 for Chorus and Orchestra, and the collection of concert overtures originally titled ‘Nature, Love and Life: In Nature’s Realm,’ ‘Carnival Overture,’ and ‘Othello Overture.’ Maestro Macal joins with soloists Janice Chandler, Richard Zeller and the Westminster Symphonic Choir in offering Dvorak’s great hymn of praise and thanksgiving, ‘Te Deum.’ This sacred work (and the concert overtures) were given their American debuts in October 1892. The ‘Te Deum’ is a joyous, extroverted and optimistic setting of traditional Christian texts. In this recording it is partnered with the ‘Othello Overture’ – dramatic and passionate – the ‘Carnival Overture’ – offering both the tender and festive – and ‘In Nature’s Realm’ – calming and restorative. Zdenek Macal was appointed Music Director of the NJSO in 1993. He helped build the Orchestra’s reputation through an exclusive recording contract with Delos. His series of award-winning recordings continues to inspire both listeners and sales. With this recording, the series now boasts a 4-CD Dvorak vocal cycle. The New Jersey Symphony Orchestra is one of the oldest orchestras in the United States, with its roots as the Eintracht Orchestra and Singing Society. As a preeminent American Orchestra, the NJSO brings the passion and commitment to artistic excellence that infuse all their Delos recordings.

Antonin Dvorak:
Te Deum for Soprano and Baritone Soloists, Chorus and Orchestra, Op. 103 [19:36]
Te Deum Laudamus: Allegro moderato maestoso (6:11)
Tu Rex gloriae: Lento maestoso (4:45)
Aeterna fac cum Sanctis: Vivace (2:50)
Dignare Domine: Lento (5:50)
In Nature’s Realm, Op. 91 (14:06)
Carnival Overture, Op. 92 (9:12)
Othello Overture. Op. 93 (14:59)
Psalm 149 for Chorus and Orchestra, Op. 79 (8:52)