El Diablo Suelto

AMBAR Music Group

Sasha Rozhdestvensky, violin • Francisco Gonzalez, guitar – voice • Nelson Gomez, guitarron • Juan Fernando Garcia, percussion – flute • with Moscow Chamber Orchestra, Constantine Orbelian, conductor; Joaquin Riaño, guitar and Ricardo Sandoval, mandolina

What does acclaimed violin virtuoso Sasha Rozhdestvensky do for fun, between concerto appearances and recordings with major orchestras worldwide? This delightful and infectious album is the answer. 

Sasha and his three Colombian-born, classically-trained colleagues who form the group Ambar play South American dances – the Colombian Bambuco and Pasillo, the Venezuelan Vals, the Brazilian Choro, and the Colombian/Venezuelan Porro and Cumbia. Based in Paris, Ambar has caught on with European audiences, and performs at prestigious festivals and concert venues such as the Salle Gaveau in Paris. Two of the group are also experts in ethnomusicology; and all are passionate about Latin American music, as evidenced by these lively and sometimes nostalgic performances. Guitarist/recording artist Francisco Gonzales also gives presentations at music conferences about guitar and Latin American music. Guitarron virtuoso Nelson Gomez also founded the group Quimbaya in Mexico before moving to Paris. Flutist/percussionist Juan Fernando Garcia is also a professor at the Erik Satie Conservatory in Paris, and often gives master classes in Brazil.
1. El Diablo Suelto (vals) Heraclio Fernandez 
2. Mimi (bambuco) Carlos Alberto Rozo Manrique 
3. Segura Ele (choro) Pixinguinha 
4. Patasdilo (pasillo) Carlos Vieco 
5. El Alegre Pescador (cumbia) Jose Barros 
6. Ambar (bambuco) Juan Carlos Guio Andrade 
7. Lucerito (bambuco) Luis Mariano 
8. Um a Zero (choro) Pixinguinha 
9. Vou Vivendo (choro) Pixinguinha 
10. A Pacheco (pasillo) Carlos Vieco 
11. Pacoca (choro) Celso Machado 
12. A los Toros (bambuco fiestero) Emilio Murillo 
13. Momposina (porro) Jose Barros 

with Joaquin Riano, guitar (2-6 and 8-13) Ricardo Sandoval, mandolina – cuatro (1, 7) Moscow Chamber Orchestra, Constantine Orbelian, conductor (5, 13)