Frank Ticheli: The Shore and other choral works

Pacific Chorale

Pacific Symphony

John Alexander Singers

Stunning performances of the complete choral works (to date) of award-winning composer Frank Ticheli, including world premiere recordings.

“…one of the most interesting and attractive composers on the scene today. Ticheli’s music is immediately accessible, crafted with impressive flair and an ear for striking instrumental colors and timbres. There is also huge energetic impetus and, perhaps most impressively, a hopeful quality and optimism…” — Lawrence A Johnson

Following the tremendous worldwide success of Ticheli’s “There Will Be Rest” (included here), this album responds to growing international clamor for recordings of his other choral compositions. The Shore is a luminous and evocative four-movement work for large chorus and orchestra; performed to perfection by the Pacific Chorale and their affiliated Pacific Symphony. Besides “There Will Be Rest,” three other original works of smaller scale and a short arrangement are superbly performed a cappella by the John Alexander Singers. Distinguished conductor John Alexander leads all performances.

  • Frank Ticheli’s complete choral music to date, in response to growing international clamor for more of his choral music
  • A broad variety of lovely and accessible choral compositions, ranging from a major work for large chorus and orchestra to smaller-scale a cappella pieces
  • Superb renditions by the Pacific Chorale with the Pacific Symphony or the John Alexander Singers: all under the assured baton of John Alexander