The White Election – A Song Cycle
Poems by Emily Dickinson / Music by Gordon Getty

Kaaren Erickson, soprano
Armen Guzelimian, piano

“… Erickson [is] a highly expressive artist with a naturally beautiful voice.” Penguin Guide

Part I: The Pensive Spring [15:16]
I Sing to Use the Waiting (1:06)
There is a Morn by Men Unseen (2:34)
I had a Guinea Golden (3:27)
If She had been the Mistletoe (1:03)
New Feet within my Garden Go (1:26)
She Bore it (2:36)
I Taste a Liquor never Brewed (1:13)
I should not Dare to Leave my Friend (1:27)

Part II: So Must We Meet Apart [25:06]
There Came a Day at Summer’s Full (4:23)
The First Day’s Night had Come (2:36)
The Soul Selects her own Society (1:46)
It was not Death, for I Stood Up (2:57)
When I was Small, a Woman Died (2:46)
I Cried at Pity, not at Pain (2:41)
The Night was Wide (2:17)
I Cannot Live with you (5:17)

Part III: Almost Peace [15:48]
My First Well Day, since Many Ill (4:05)
It Ceased to Hurt Me (1:27)
I Like to See it Lap the Miles (1:46)
Split the Lark, and You’ll find the Music (1:36)
The Crickets Sang (1:53)
After a Hundred Years (1:59)
The Clouds their Backs together Laid (1:09)
I Shall not Murmur (1:24)

Part IV: My Feet Slip Nearer [15:45]
The Grave my Little Cottage is (1:25)
I Did not Reach Thee (3:23)
My Wars are Laid away in Books (1:49)
There Came a Wind Like a Bugle (1:48)
The Going from a World we Know (1:56)
Upon his Saddle Sprung a Bird (:41)
Beauty Crowds Me (1:36)
I Sing to Use the Waiting (2:30)

Total playing time: 72:21