Carol Rosenberger, piano
James DePreist, conductor
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

R.F., Stereo Review: In reviewing the LP release of these recordings nearly nine years ago, I noted that ‘The Four Temperaments’ had not been offered in stereo before and that no other recordings of either work was available at the time. Since both titles continue to be otherwise unavailable (the Delos LP itself has been deleted), it is especially good to have these performances on CD…. The orchestral playing per se is on a consistently high level – and ‘The Four Temperaments’ is first-rate from start to finish. The transfer to CD brings the expected aural benefits to the smooth, well-balanced recording.

Moore, American Record Guide: These two Hindemith ballets constitute two of his most expressive and successful concert scores. ‘The Four Temperaments’ is a set of variations on three successive themes scored for piano and strings and describing the essential humors, much as Carl Nielsen does in his Second Symphony. It is a mellow, warmly-hued, and exciting score, romantic in tone. Rosenberger plays it with great verve with good backing from the strings og the Royal Philharmonic. ‘Nobilissima Visione’ has a more archaic orientation as it describes the life of St. Francis as depicted by Giotto and employs certain medieval melodies. Less dissonant than the famous ‘Mathis der Maler’, it is equally rich in material and makes an effective three-movement symphony much on the same order. De Preist conducts both of these works with sensitivity and they are recorded with resonance and a natural orchestral sound.

Paul Hindemith

The Four Temperaments
Theme / Melancholy / Sanguine / Phlegmatic / Choleric

Nobilissima Visione
Introduction and Rondo / March and Pastorale / Passacaglia