World Premiere of Holst’s own Two Piano Version of The Planets.

Frank Behrens, Entertainment Times: Finally an unusual version of a very familiar work. We all, I suppose grew up with Gustav Holst’s The Planets, that marvelous warhorse in which seven of the planets are painted in music to represent their mythological implications. Well, Holst had prepared a Two-Piano version of the work and Delos International has released it on their Facet label (FA 8002). Richard Rodney Bennett and Susan Bradshaw do stellar work (pun intended). While this is not meant to replace the standard symphonic version (what do you mean you don’t have a copy?), it is a lovely companion set. I think I’ll award a Grabbit. Thanks, Delos, for this one.

Holst: The Planets (the composer’s own two-piano version) – Mars (7:03) Venus (8:23) Mercury (4:16) Jupiter (8:12) Saturn (9:09) Uranus (6:08) Neptune (7:44)