2024 Best Choral Performance GRAMMY® Nominee

Conspirare, the nonpareil and GRAMMY®-winning choral ensemble from Austin, Texas, presents an emotionally rich and wide-ranging program with House of Belonging.

Known worldwide for “expanding the boundaries of choral performance” (Wall Street Journal), Conspirare has for this album teamed up with the superb Miró Quartet to present a tapestry of intriguing new works by both well-known and emerging American composers.

Conspirare’s founder and leader, Craig Hella Johnson, commissioned many of the pieces on House of Belonging and composed the opening track himself. The album’s texts convey and explore themes about spirituality, philosophy, the natural world and the human need for deep connection with others.

Composers Kevin Puts, Derrick Skye, Alex Berko, Moira Smiley, Ross Lee Finney, Shara Nova, Michael Schachter and Margaret Bonds were recruited for the project. The emotive texts include verses by Euan Tait, John Muir, William Stafford, Wendell Berry, Rabindranath Tagore, David Whyte, Langston Hughes, Ludwig van Beethoven and Hildegard of Bingen.

Throughout the album, one is struck again and again by the marvels of the Conspirare style — an uncommon transparency of choral sound with ethereal characteristics, surges of power at the right times and exceptional vocal solos.