Chinese Chamber Ensemble 
Contemporary Music for Traditional Chinese Instruments 
“Chinese music is both young and old. It can trace its roots back to 475 BC; and since the 1980s Chinese composers have been experimenting, writing modern chamber music for traditional Chinese instruments. Chinese musicians will continue to explore new world musical trends, and continue to preserve and develop their musical traditions.” – LI Xi’an~Artistic Director Huaxia Chamber Ensemble 
HUAXIA – Chinese Chamber Ensemble, consisting of outstanding young musicians who play traditional Chinese instruments, is dedicated to fostering and performing ancient Chinese music and preserving their rich cultural trove of folk music. HUAXIA members also share their respect for the traditional with an equal zeal for contemporary compositions. 
This Delos release is made up entirely of such pieces, composed specifically to exploit the special qualities and beauty of Chinese traditional instruments. Compositions are by well known contemporary composers including Tan Dun, Zhu Lin, Chen Yi, Qu Xiaosong, Yang Liqing, Gao Weijie and Chen Qigang. Such traditional instruments as the Di, a wind instrument, the Yangqin, a zither-like instrument, the Zheng, Sanxian, and Pipa, all plucked string instruments and the Erhu, a bowed string instrument, are featured in these compositions. The HUAXIA Ensemble and its mission to promote the work of living composers will no doubt eventually lead to change and reform of the rigid concept of Chinese traditional-instrument playing and help stimulate the creation of new Chinese music.
The recording includes: 
Zhu Lin: Transcendence 
Tan Dun: Shuang Que 
Chen Yi: The Points 
Qu Xiaosong: Ji II ‘Floating Clouds’ 
Yang Liqing: Thinking 
Gao Weijie: Shao I 
Chen Quqang: Three Laughs