Albeniz: Suite Iberia

Brazilian Guitar Quartet

World Premiere Recording In Brazil they are called the Dream Team – four of that country’s most brilliant guitarists. Since their first appearance outside of Brazil in 1999, the Brazilian Guitar Quartet has quickly become one of the world’s most sought-after guitar ensembles, acclaimed by audiences and critics, with highly successful international tours every season. Delos is privileged to present the Brazilian Guitar Quartet in the recording premiere of their 4-guitar arrangement of Isaac Albeniz’s piano masterpiece Suite Iberia. Albeniz began writing Suite Iberia in 1905 and finished it in 1908. Hailed as “the masterpiece of Spanish music,” this beloved composition is made up of twelve pieces, divided into four books. They embrace a kaleidoscope of motifs and moods, themes and rhythms evoking the spirit of Spain, especially the province of Andalusia. This unique arrangement respects the essence of Albeniz’s suite while presenting a new and adventurous interpretation. Albeniz, a brilliant pianist as well as composer, conjured up fabulous ways to make his piano sound like a guitar. Our Quartet returns this music to the guitar, the one instrument universally associated with Spain and its unique culture.

Albeniz: Suite Iberia arranged for guitar quartet by the Brazilian Guitar Quartet 
Book 1: Evocacion (5:26) El Puerto (4:21) Corpus Christi en Sevilla (7:31) 
Book 2: Rondena (7:10) Almeria (8:44) Triana (4:53) 
Book 3: El Albaicin (7:03) El Polo (6:24) Lavapies (6:04) 
Book 4: Malaga (4:47) Jerez (8:38) Eritana (5:13)