In Every Lake The Moon Shines Full

Folk tunes from Spain, Scotland, Greece, Hungary, and Norway

Paul Galbraith

“An album of folksongs is something I’ve always wanted to make. Collecting musical mementos from the various countries that I’ve visited… the tremendous diversity of rhythmic impulse, ornate melody and harmonic background. As Confucius said, ‘Show me the folkmusic of a people, and I will tell you of their character.”’ Paul Galbraith

This 52-track CD includes: 
Tonadas (on Spanish Folk Tunes) (Volume 2) Joaquin Nin-Culmell 
Songs of the Hebrides (Scotland) Marjory Kennedy-Fraser 
Miniatures on Greek Folk Tunes Yannis Costantinidis 
Aires de la Mancha (Songs of La Mancha) (orig. for guitar) Federico Moreno-Torroba 
“For Children” Hungarian Folk Tunes, Volume 1 Bela Bartok (arr. Szendrey-Karper/Galbraith) 
Norwegian Folk Tunes from Op. 66 Edvard Grieg