Laugh With Classical Music – Delos Compilation

Over the years, music that we can definitely peg as humorous or comic in nature has taken many forms. We at Delos have combed through our CD catalog to identify some prime examples, and bring them to
you in this collection of music that is sure to make you smile, giggle, or even laugh out loud.

Virtuoso performers have always loved to show off, and – especially in encores – have enjoyed bringing smiles to their listeners’ faces with flashy antics that will both impress and amuse. One famed Belgian violin virtuoso-composer, Henri Vieuxtemps, wrote his Souvenir d’Amérique, Variations on “Yankee Doodle,” after his first American tour. He performed it often during later tours, prompting inevitable laughter –
especially in America! Violin sorcerer Dmitry Khakhamov, performing with Constantine Orbelian and his Moscow Chamber Orchestra, delivers it to happy perfection.

They say that laughter is the best medicine. So file this collection in your virtual medicine cabinet, and – whenever life gets you down – let Delos help you feel better!