Mahler 4

Dallas Symphony Orchestra
Andrew Litton, conductor
Heidi Grant Murphy, soprano

The Mahler 4th, shortest of all his symphonies, less than one hour in length, is also the most immediately accessible. As Andrew Litton says, “The Fourth Symphony is Mahler’s search for innocence, his exploration, in a deeply profound way, of a very simple subject. The music is sublime. It’s just extraordinary how the man could pour so much human emotion and soul into his music. All these layers present in Mahler’s writing are indicative of the depth and profundity of his intellect.” The ecstatic finale, in which the soprano soloist joins the orchestra in a childlike interpretation of heavenly bliss, has an ideal interpreter in Heidi Grant Murphy. She fulfills to the letter Andrew Litton’s vision of this finale. “It’s a song about innocence, that’s why it’s so essential that it not sound like parody or pastiche, that it be sung in the most pure and innocent manner.” The sound of this recording, supervised by John Eargle, is extraordinary. Exquisite detail in the woodwinds, meltingly beautiful string tone, radiant horns and brass are all enhanced by Dallas’ McDermott Hall’s wonderful acoustics.

Mahler: Symphony No. 4 in G Major for soprano and orchestra – 1. Bedachtig. Nicht eilen / In gemachlicher Bewegung. Ohne Hast / Ruhevoll / Sehr behaglich