London Symphony Orchestra
Gerard Schwarz, conductor
Carol Rosenberger, piano
Della Jones, mezzo-soprano

“Rosenberger brings to these three nocturnal movements improvisatory, introspective subjectivity.” High Fidelity

Manuel de Falla:

Nights in the Gardens of Spain [25:15]
At the Generalife (11:31)
Distant Dance (4:57)
In the Gardens of the Sierra de Cordoba (9:43)

The Three-Cornered Hat (complete ballet) [38:53]
Introduction (1:19)
Part l Afternoon (2:25)
The Procession (2:59)
Dance of the Millers Wife (Fandango) (2:32)
The Corregidor (:15)
The Miller’s Wife (:46)
The Grapes (4:10)
Part ll The Neighbor’s Dance (Seguidillas) (3:32)
The Miller’s Dance (Farruca) (2:51)
The Miller’s Arrest (5:07)
Dance of the Corregidor (6:20)
Final Dance (Jota) (6:08)