Dmitri Hvorostovsky, baritone 
Constantine Orbelian, conductor 
Moscow Chamber Orchestra 
Style of Five 
“Dmitri Hvorostovsky’s ongoing collaboration with Delos has explored many worthwhile sides of the Siberian baritone’s far-reaching musical interests.” – Opera News 
Delos is proud to release our most recent recording partnership with Dmitri Hvorostovsky and Maestro Constantine Orbelian. Moscow Nights features the cream of postwar Russian popular songs, and highlights inspiring performances by the Moscow Chamber Orchestra and the traditional Russian instrumental ensemble Style of Five. Maestro Orbelian describes the Moscow Nights program of 17 songs, composed during the post World War II period of the 1950s & 1960s, as songs the entire nation sang. Hvorostovsky says that for the new album he and Orbelian chose from the ‘best material throughout the Soviet time. I’m convinced that it has great musical and historical value, as well as wonderful memories for me, from my childhood.’ This unique release also includes a very special bonus track: an archival tape of 11-year old Hvorostovsky followed by the present-day Hvorostovsky singing the same song.
  • How young we were 
  • Moscow nights 
  • The whisper of birches 
  • Do not hurry  
  • Tenderness 
  • Wait for me
  • Three years
  • Evening Song
  • You Are My Melody
  • Moscow Windows
  • I’m Grateful to You
  • I Love You, Life
  • Evening in the Harbor
  • Where Does Motherland Come From
  • Russian Field
  • Motherland Hears

Unreleased Tracks!

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Rodina • Motherland [Tulikov/Polukhin]:

My Motherland, my native land!
My Motherland, my springtime and my song!
Through proud destiny and bright dreams,
We are bound together forever!
May the sky over this land be blue,
And may dawn’s rays be golden!

My Motherland, I sing your praises!
My Motherland, I trust in your wisdom!
All your fates and all your troubles
I share with you, my land!
Give me a task that makes my heart sing!
And trust me as I trust you!

I my v to vremia budem zhit’ • And we will live in that time [Doloukhanian/Lisjanskii]

When from the height you have reached
You, Motherland, look ahead,
Your excited eyes, gazing upward,
Involuntarily touch my heart.
And I see that promised hour,
The hour troubled by nothing,
When women can forget the war,
And can be calm about us.

When the world can’t breathe in enough freedom,
And one can touch the stars,
And happiness has come to stay,
In every dwelling.
And the soul is full of pride,
And life is triumphant all around,
And youth was not wasted,
And every man is my brother and friend.

The Earth will be too small to contain all the happiness,
And all people will become friends.
And life will turn into a beautiful song,
And we will live in that time!
And life will turn into a beautiful song,
And we will live in that time!