premiere recording

”basing classical music on non-classical’ sources… hard bop, Motown rock, down-home blues… crackles with intensity and emotional commitment.” Stereophile

Chamber Music Northwest

David Schiff

Scenes from Adolescence [23:34]
James Walker, flute; David Shifrin, clarinet; Ik-Hwan Bae, violin; Warren Lash, cello; Victor Steinhardt, piano

Suite from Sacred Service [17:07]
Shalom Aleichem (3:15)
Candle Blessing (2:56)
Lekha Dodi (3:11)
Hashkiveinu (5:31)
Kiddush (1:48)
Shalom Rav (4:03)
Judith Blanc Schiff, soprano; James Walker, flute; Yoshinori Nakao, clarinet; Theodore Arm, violin; Eriko Sato, cello

Divertimento from “Gimpel the Fool” [16:29]
I. Overture and the Rabbi’s Advice (2:42)
II. The Wedding Song (3:45)
III. Pantomime and Bread Song (4:12)
IV. Jester’s Song and Mazel Tov (5:34)
David Shifrin, clarinet; Theodore Arm, violin; Warren Lash, cello; David Oei, piano