Delos Music Library Collection
Music is an invitation to explore a particular terrain, experience a certain mood or even take part in an adventure. When composers provide programmatic titles for their compositions, that terrain, mood or adventure comes to life perhaps more readily than when the score is without such signposts. We have, therefore, added descriptive titles to some of the works collected here in order to guide the listener along paths that seem to have a common destination: a place where truth is veiled in mystery. As you listen to this music, then, you may find yourself atop a rocky precipice. You may find that your emotions are inexplicably mercurial or that your mind has taken adventurous flight. Pause and reflect, but be cautioned: ‘things are not always what they seem,’ as Miss Marple has often observed.

Chapter One: The Phantom at the Organ Bach: Toccata in D Minor
Chapter Two: Vale of Dreams Griffes: Vale of Dreams
Chapter Three: Night Winds Griffes: Night Winds
Chapter Four: In the Dark of Night Stravinsky: The Firebird – Introduction
Chapter Five: The Evil Sorcerer Stravinsky: The Firebird – Dance of Kashchei’s Retinue
Chapter Six: Mysterious Encounter Hovhaness: Bagatelle No. 1
Chapter Seven: The Forbidden Garden Hovhaness: Bagatelle No. 4
Chapter Eight: Agent in Peril Bartok: Contrasts
Chapter Nine: Lost in the Rain Forest Villa-Lobos: Fantasia, Largo
Chapter Ten: The Firebird’s Spell Stravinsky: Berceuse
Chapter Eleven: The Intruder Prokofiev: Quintet, No. 39, V
Chapter Twelve: The Deserted Encampment Kodaly: Serenade, Op. 12, II
Chapter Thirteen: The Mysterious Bird Stravinsky: Song of the Nightingale, Introduction
Chapter Fourteen: Apparitions
Chapter Fifteen: Poltergeists
Chapter Sixteen: Hobgoblins
Chapter Seventeen: Ghosts Walton: Ghosts
Chapter Eighteen: Gargoyles and Chimeras Vierne: Gargoyles and Chimeras
Chapter Nineteen: Dark Moon Ravel: Quartet, III

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