Catharine Crozier, organ
Marcussen Organ, Wiedemann Hall, The Wichita State University, Wichita, Kansas

“The music and performances are superbly vivid.” Washington Post

“This recording is enthusiastically recommended.” Fanfare

Ned Rorem

A Quaker Reader [33:28]
First-Day Thoughts (4:12)
Mary Dyer did hang as a flag… (3:30)
Evidence of Things Not Seen (3:54)
“There Is a Spirit That Delights to Do No Evil…” (1:47)
The World of Silence (2:27)
“Bewitching attire of the most charming simplicity…” (3:13)
A Secret Power (1:56)
“…No darkness at all…” (1:20)
One Sigh Rightly Begotten (2:17)
Return Home To Within (2:54)
Ocean of Light (5:03)

Views from the Oldest House [20:09]
Sunrise on Sunset Hill (3:23);
Elms (1:55)
The Nest in Old North Church (2:36)
Spires (2:32)
Rain Over the Quaker Graveyard (5:45)
Sunday Night (3:35)