Paul Galbraith Plays Bach Lute Suites
Paul Galbraith, guitar
“Magnificently played, thoughtful and majestic performances…a landmark in the history of guitar recordings”Gramophone (reviewing Paul Galbraith Plays Bach Violin Sonatas and Partitas DE 3232)

What more can be said about the artistry of Paul Galbraith? Perhaps a brief run-down of what Paul did over the 18 months prior to this release will help jog memories:

  • Delos released Paul’s inaugural recording, Paul Galbraith Plays Bach (DE 3232) in July of 1998. Paul transcribed all of the violin sonatas and partitas of Bach for his one-of-a-kind eight string guitar;
  • After an interview on NPR’s All Things Considered, Paul Galbraith Plays Bach debuted on the Billboard Classical chart at #9 and stayed on the chart for nine weeks;
  • Paul’s second release, Paul Galbraith Plays Haydn (DE 3239) was another success, and still continues to sell today;
  • Paul was interviewed yet again on NPR in December 1999, which reignited sales for his first two solo recordings with Delos and the Brazilian Guitar Quartet’s first-ever recording, Essencia do Brasil. (DE 3245) Paul Galbraith Plays Bach Lute Suites has Paul returning to this most treasured of composers, again with all transcriptions done by Paul.
J. S. Bach: Suite in G Minor, BWV 995 [trans. A Minor]
Suite in E Minor, BWV 996; Suite in C Minor, BWV 997 [trans. B Minor]
Prelude, Fugue and Allegro in E-flat Major, BWV 998 [trans. D Major]