Tangos arranged for saxophone and orchestra

Federico Mondelci
Moscow Chamber Orchestra
Constantine Orbelian, conductor

Premier European saxophonist Federico Mondelci plays his own elegant and sensuous arrangements of Piazzolla tangos. “For Piazzolla, the tango was not just a dance; it was a way of life,” says Mondelci, and that is the way he and the sensitive strings of the MCO under Orbelian’s direction play this music. It has often been noted that the Moscow Chamber Orchestra under Orbelian has a special “luminous” sound – and that they play “with one voice.” With their Russian verve and passion, they form the perfect partnership with Mondelci. Mondelci and Orbelian obviously have a deep affinity for this music. Their perfomrances are sensuous, nostalgic, exciting, and incredibly touching. Together they have created a revelatory experience for Piazzolla fans as well as a beautiful introduction to Piazzolla’s magic for newcomers.

Astor Piazzolla, tangos arrangend for Saxophone by Federico Mondelci:
Adios Nonino * Libertango * Cierra tus ojos y escucha * Milonga de Angel * Muerte del Angel * Resurreccion del Angel * Oblivion * Anos de Soledad * Violentango * Meditango * Revirado * Melodia en la menor