Queen of Spades: Great Scenes
Sergei Larin
Marina Domashenko
Elena Prokina
Elena Obraztsova
Dmitri Hvorostovsky
Vassily Gerello
Constantine Orbelian, conductor
Philharmonia of Russia

Delos this unique new recording developed expressly for presentation on a single disc. Great scenes from ‘Queen of Spades’ captures the essence of the opera in a one-CD version with scenes chosen to represent the music, drama and characterization that make the opera memorable. Amelia Haygood, Delos founder and Executive Producer: “I’ve loved ‘Queen of Spades’ for most of my life, and have long thought it should be up there among the all-time favorites. So it’s a deep joy for me to present the drama and poignancy of Tchaikovsky’s music at the high artistic level our singers, conductor and orchestra have achieved here. Unlike ‘highlights’ excerpts, or a collection of arias, this ‘Great Scenes’ version is meant to preserve the flow of the opera’s story of love, obsession and madness.”

Tchaikovsky: Queen of Spades: Great ScenesĀ 
Prelude (3:40) “I do not know her name…” Hermann (2:35) “One day at Versailles… (Tri karty) Tomsky (3:43) “I’ll sing for you…” Pauline, Chorus (4:59) “Why these tears…” Lisa, Hermann (9:13) “Forgive me, heavenly creature…” Hermann (2:37) “You are so sad… I love you…” Yeletsky, Lisa (5:19) “Oh, how I detest today’s world…” Countess (7:07) “Do not be frightened…” Hermann, Lisa (7:14) “Poor thing! What an abyss…” Hermann, Chorus (3:01) “I am so frightened…” Hermann, Countess’s ghost (3:30) “Midnight is near…” Lisa (5:07) “What if the clock chimes…” Lisa, Hermann (8:16) “We will drink and be happy…” Chorus (1:33) “If sweet maidens…” Tomsky, Chorus (2:10) “What is our life?” Hermann, Chekalinsky, Yeletsky, Chorus (7:50)