Suzanne Ornstein, violin; Clay Ruede, cello; Thomas Schmidt, piano

“Not a piano trio at all, but a single musical instrument, played with eminent virtuosity and sensitivity.” The New York Times

“…played with an irresistible combination of fire and suavity by these excellent… artists.” Los Angeles Times

Camille Saint-Saens Piano Trio No. 2 in E Minor, Op. 92
Allegro non troppo (11:42)
Allegretto (6:43)
Andante con moto (4:53)
Grazioso, poco allegro (4:13)
Allegro (8:19)

Maurice Ravel Piano trio in A Minor
Modere (8:59)
Pantoum (Assez vif) (4:15)
Passacaille (Tres large) (6:56)
Final (Anime) (5:02)