Delos International has always been synonymous with relevant and innovative recordings. Our commitment to unknown and little-known but significant repertoire has placed Delos in the forefront of the Classical Music Industry since our formation in 1973. We are a recording label dedicated to bringing unique, masterful and important recordings to classical consumers. Our Shostakovich Complete Songs perfectly illustrates this commitment and Volume 5 ~ Famous Vocal Cycles is no exception. This newest volume from Delos features many of the performers who have gained global acclaim for the previous installments: Marianna Tarassova, Konstantin Pluzhnikov and Fyodor Kuznetsov; and a first appearance by soprano Svetlana Sumatchova, all under the direction of Yuri Serov. Famous Vocal Cycles contains the ‘From Jewish Folk Poetry’ series and ‘Suite to Words by Michelangelo Buonarroti’ and illustrates the evocative and moving themes that would impact the composer all his life: suffering, parting and loss.

Shostakovich: From Jewish Folk Poetry, a vocal cycle, Op. 79 (1948); Suite to Words by Michelangelo Buonarroti, Op 145 (1974)