Delos proudly presents an exciting new release by Maestro James DePriest and the Oregon Symphony – Shostakovich’s Symphony No. 11 The Year 1905. When this composition was first performed on October 30, 1957, Soviet officials declared it an outstanding work of social realism. Much of the symphony’s resonance and ambiguity lies in its direct quotation of various songs of the revolutionary period. The composer, however, admitted that the four-movement work reflected not only the revolutionary year of 1905 but also the Soviet invasion of Hungary in 1956. The four movements entitled The Palace Square, The Ninth of January, In Memoriam, and The Toscin, are filled with rich descriptive musical detail incorporating many songs, hymns and marches. ‘Papa, what if they hang you for this?’ was the response the Eleventh Symphony received from the composer’s son; that same kind of naked emotion pervades this entire performance. Maestro James DePreist is the Laureate Music Director of the Oregon Symphony. His best-selling collaborations with Delos have included works of contemporary American composers as well as classics from Europe and Russia. This much anticipated release of the Shostakovich Symphony No. 11 continues the tradition of sonically exceptional and seriously sales-worthy releases that Delos and DePreist have consistently offered in the past.

Shostakovich:Symphony No. 11 The Year 1905 1. The Palace Square 2. The 9th of January 3. In Memoriam 4. The Tocsin