“I look at music as a communicative art. You communicate what you believe life is about and how you feel about it.” –Uri Vardi

Cellist extraordinaire (and cherished Delos artist) Uri Vardi is one of America’s most revered virtuosos and teachers. In this glowing recording, he is joined by none other than his son, distinguished clarinetist Amitai Vardi, as well as renowned pianist Arnon Erez. All three musicians combine their considerable talents in captivating renditions of two wondrous clarinet trios: Beethoven’s Op. 11 and Brahms’s Op. 114.

In a 21st-century addition to these classic trios, father and son come together to create splendid readings of contemporary composer Jan Radzynski’s fascinating Concert Duos. In all, it’s a recording of both classic and contemporary works that will delight and thrill listeners from beginning to end.