Donna Milanovich, flute
Wendy Kerner Lucas, harp

Three Recording Premieres! – A fresh, atmospheric program in French style, this recording is a beautiful reminder that the great music for flute and harp is closely identified with France. – The Glorian Duo, a standout among among flute and harp duos. – Wendy Kerner Lucas is a protege of harpist Susann McDonald, whose World of the Harp (DE 3005) album was one of Delos’ very first digital recordings – back in 1979! – and remains a perennial favorite. – We find Donna Milanovich remarkable for her full-bodied tone and bel canto phrasing. Her adaptation of Saint-Saens’ Fantaisie (the original is for harp and violin) gives the work a lovely new color. – David Diamond’s exquisite Concert Piece, written in 1989 for the Glorian Duo, is a tribute to his friend Albert Roussel, and reminds us of the strong French influence in Diamond’s background. – The Glorian Duo discovered Tulou’s Nocturne, (containing variations based on the old Welsh tune All Through the Night!) in an archive, in a condition too fragile to photocopy. The Duo had the Nocturne photographed, microfilmed and copied. The Program booklet contains special Young People’s Edition

SAINT-SAENS: Fantaisie
TOURNIER: Two Romantic Preludes, Op. 17 (Recording Premiere)
ANDRIESSEN: Intermezzo
SATIE: Gymnopedie No. 1
DIAMOND: Concert Piece (Recording Premiere)
IBERT: Entr’acte
COUPERIN: Le rossignol en amour (The Nightingale in love)
TULOU: Nocturne (Recording Premiere)