The Dreams of Birds

Jenni Olson, flute, piccolo, alto flute, bass flute

“It was my vision to utilize the auxiliary instruments like the piccolo, alto flute and bass flute – thus creating a flute CD with the full array of tone colors that these different instruments can provide.” — Jenni Olson

Chamber music recordings featuring the standard concert flute abound. But few explore the very different sonorities of other, lesser-known members of the flute family: piccolo, alto flute and bass flute. Fewer yet (if any) offer works that showcase them all, beyond music for flute choirs. But in this remarkable recording, flute sorceress Jenni Olson plays all four instruments individually, in world premiere recordings of vibrant new chamber works that were written specifically for her.

Jenni is blessed to know some of today’s finest composers, many of whom are well known for their work in TV and film – and they are all Jenni’s dear friends and big fans, who are delighted to compose music for her. Among her other friends and colleagues are many of the Los Angeles area’s most in-demand performing musicians who have gladly collaborated on this release. The result is beautifully performed chamber music of tremendous appeal that will beguile listeners with arresting tone colors and timbres that are totally new to them.

  • World premiere recordings of wonderful music from eight of America’s leading composers
  • Novel instrumental colors and timbres from rarely heard instruments of the flute family
  • Striking and beautifully recorded performances from top musicians

Jenni Olson (piccolo/flute/alto flute/bass flute); Bryan Pezzone (piano); Marcia Dickstein (harp); Christin Webb(bassoon/contrabassoon); Andrew Duckles (viola); Sherri Chung (voice); Lynda Sue Guarini Marks (percussion)

Jenni Brandon; Alex Shapiro; Dave Volpe; Damian Montano; Peter Jaffe; Bear McCreary; Joachim Horsley; Daniel Kelley

Track Listing

  1. Brandon: The Dreams of Birds
  2. Shapiro: Intermezzo
  3. Volpe: Riverbed
  4. Volpe: Gwinna
  5. Montano: Dragonfly
  6. Jaffe: Un petite cliché
  7. McCreary: Incantation
  8. Horsley: Moonrise
  9. Kelley: A Tripartite Sonata Mvts I-III