Here, legendary ballerina Natalia Makarova captivates in her narration of the Russian fairy tale, The Firebird (as adapted by Delos director Carol Rosenberger) — to the complete ballet music of Igor Stravinsky: 

1. Prince Ivan goes on an adventure (2:36); 2. Kashchei’s magic garden (2:01); 3. The Firebird appears (2:16); 4. Dance of the Firebird (1:20); 5. Prince Ivan captures the Firebird (1:02); 6. The magic feather and the Firebird’s promise (5:54); 7.The game with the golden apples (4:28); 8. Prince Ivan and Princess Vasilisa (6:32); 9. Sunrise (1:23); 10. Kashchei’s guardian monsters capture Prince Ivan (5:08); 11. The Firebird’s spell (1:16); 12. The Infernal dance of Kashchei’s enchanted subjects (4:40); 13. The Firebird’s lullaby (3:42); 14. The end of Kashchei and his spells; and A day of joy and thanksgiving (5:12). 


“Makarova’s timing, drawn from long experience dancing the title role, is superb. Her narration complements the music beautifully. Her pronounced Russian accent is here, richly flavoring the story of how Prince Ivan won the hand of Princess Vasilisa by overcoming the hellish power of her captor, the wizard Kaschei, with the help of the Firebird, a supernatural creature (‘Where others bathe in water, I bathe in fire!’). Makarova’s portrayal of the sinister Kaschei is a delight you won’t want to miss!” —Phil Muse, Creative Loafing