The Horror Maze is an ear-boggling “sonic spooktacular” that duly offers Bach’s chilling Toccata, plus excerpts from many other classics on “evil” themes – like Mussorgsky’s devilish Night on Bald Mountain, Saint-Saens’ spooky Danse Macabre, Chopin’s deathly Funeral March, and Berlioz’s wickedly surreal Dream of the Witches’ Sabbath. But that’s not all: adroitly laid over the music is a horrific array of creepy seasonal sound effects – including eerie door-creaks, zombie-like groans, moaning wind-noises, spine-chilling cackles & shrieks, plus heart-stopping animal noises: crawly bug-sounds, owl-hoots, cat-cries, and werewolf howls … just to name a few. All is sequenced so as to convey the impression of a fearsome journey through the “Horror-maze” of the album’s title – where, once you’re inside, you can’t … get … back … OUT !!!

This masterpiece of sonic horror is guaranteed to add spooky oomph to whatever holiday affair you may be planning. Try downloading a few tracks to ramp up the fright factor of your Halloween costume party or haunted house event … or just to get you into the proper mood!