SHOSTAKOVICH FILM SERIES, Vol. 4 Volume 4 in this captivating Shostakovich film-related series, a re-release of performances originally on Russian Disc, is choreographic in nature.

The Lady and the Hooligan is a “choreographic novel” in seven episodes, with the libretto based on a screenplay by Vladimir Mayakovsky. The 41-minute score is an ingenious tapestry of descriptive music drawn from a number of Shostakovich works. Arranged by Levon Atovmyan the score vividly conveys the characters and their dramatic story. The more familiar Ballet Suite No. 2, which rounds out the program, is lively and lyrical, playful and ironic, in typical Shostakovich style.

The Lady and the Hooligan:
1. Introduction
2. Street
3. The Hooligan
4. The Lady
5. School
6. Prayer
7. Tavern
8. Visions
9. Scene
10. Promenade in Park
11. (Allegro)
12. (Adagio)
13. Fight
14. Finale

Ballet Suite No. 2
1. Waltz
2. Adagio
3. Polka
4. Sentimental Romance
5. Spring Waltz
6. Finale (Galop)