Guitar Music from 1535-1962 

Specially priced 2-CD set 
The program includes music of: Milan, Mudarra, Narvaez, Sanz, Murcia, Aguado, Sor, Albeniz, Granado, Tarrega, Llobet, Falla, Turina, Moreno-Torroba, and Mompou. 
Celebrate with Delos its exciting new partnership with Guitarist Emanuele Segre. Segre, the Italian guitarist whom the Washington Post noted at the time of his debut as “a musician of immense promise” has gone on to win numerous awards and has concertized widely thoughout Europe, North and South America and the Far East. Solo recitals and performances with artists such as Yuri Bashmet, The Moscow Soloists, Salvatore Accardo and Patrick Gallois have won critical acclaim and ecstatic reviews. “Everything he plays, believe it or not, becomes a masterpiece” – Classical Guitar “How he succeeds in finding such a range of sounds on the same strings is a mystery that only his talent can explain.” – Corriere della Sera “Emanuele Segre is a guitarist who wakes up the listener…around him one is impressed by the aura of a great virtuoso.” – Gitarre and Laute With performances spanning music of the centuries, The Spanish Guitar features Segre playing a contemporary instrument but reproducing the spirit and sounds of many different eras from the Renaissance to the 20th century. Segre’s interpretations are stunning in their historical insight, full of fire and emotion. This special recording takes the listener on a tour of Spain from rare 16th century works to well-loved 19th & 20th century romantic music, each note highlighting the superb artistry displayed on this new Delos release. Segre’s The Spanish Guitar is a must-have for guitar fans and lovers of music everywhere.
Luys Milan (ca. 1500-ca. 1561): Pavana III (1535) (2:17) 
Alonso Mudarra (ca. 1510-1580): Fantasia X que contrahaze la harpa en la manera de Ludovico – Fantasia No. 10 which suggests the harp in the manner of Ludovico (1546) (2:37) 
Luys de Narvaez (ca. 1530-1550): Quatro diferencias sobre Guardame las vacas Tres diferencias por otra parte – Variations on Guardame las vacas (1538) (3:12) 
Gaspar Sanz (1640-ca. 1710): Canarios (1674) (1:57) 
Gaspar Sanz: Passacalles (1674) (4:30) 
Santiago de Murcia (17th – 18th cent.): Preludio – Allegro (1732) (2:10) 
Santiago de Murcia: Passacalles (1732) (2:47) 
Santiago de Murcia: Giga: Allegro dulzaina (1732) (2:20) 
Dionisio Aguado (1784-1849): Rondo brillante Op. 2, No. 2 (“to his friend F. De Fossa”) Andante (2:34) Rondo Allegro moderato (7:11) 
Fernando Sor (1778-1839): Etude Op. 6, No. 12 (ca. 1815-1817) (4:51) 
Fernando Sor: Etude Op. 6, No. 6 (ca. 1815-1817) (1:53) 
Dionisio Aguado: Rondo brillante Op. 2, No. 1 (“to his friend F. De Fossa”) Adagio (6:00) Polonaise (4:52) 
Fernando Sor: Fantasia Op. 30 (“to his friend Denis Aguado”) (1828) (13:10) 
Isaac Albeniz (1860-1909): Capricho catalan, Op. 165, No. 5 (1890) (4:37) 
Enrique Granados (1867-1916): Danza espanola No. 6: Jota (Rondalla aragonesa) (1893) (4:42) 
Francisco Tarrega (1852-1909): Capricho Arabe (dedicated to D. Tomas Breton) (5:27) 
Francisco Tarrega: Estudio de velocidad (1:40) 
Francisco Tarrega: Lagrima (2:02) 
Francisco Tarrega: Oremus (1:09) 
Enrique Granados: Epilogo (from Escenas romanticas) (3:09) 
Isaac Albeniz: Torre Bermeja (from Piezas caracteristicas, Op. 92, No. 12) (1888) (4:44) 
Miguel Llobet (1878-1938): El Noi de la Mare (1:55) 
Miguel Llobet: El testament d’Amelia (2:10) 
Manuel de Falla (1876-1946): Danza del molinero (from El sombrero de tres picos) – The Miller’s Dance (from The Three-Cornered Hat) (1918) (2:59) 
Joaquin Turina (1882-1949): Fandanguillo, Op. 36 (dedicated to Andres Segovia) (1925) (5:29) 
Federico Moreno-Torroba (1891-1982): Burgalesa (dedicated to Andres Segovia) (1928) (2:57) 
Manuel de Falla: Homenaje “pour le tombeau de Claude Debussy” (1920) (3:26) 
Federico Mompou (1893-1987): Preludio (from Suite Compostelana) (dedicated to Andres Segovia) (1962) (3:32) 
Total Playing Time: Disc One: 72:21 Disc Two: 49:59