Anthony Newman: piano, organ, celesta
Mary Jane Newman: piano, celesta
Steven J. Epstein, hand bells, wind chimes

Toning is the practice of restoring, vitalizing and intensifying consonant vibrations, and can directly and positively influence the healing process. It is the radiantly simple act, perfected by Zen followers throughout the world, of singing on one pitch, using one vowel sound, to bring unhealthy internal organs and bones into their own, healthy rate of vibration. This disc consists of music specifically composed to facilitate the act of Toning, and is performed by Anthony Newman, one of the country’s leading organ virtuosos and a prodigiously active harpsichordist, fortepianist, conductor, composer, writer and recording artist.

D Pedal Tone – Music from Brahm’s Requiem
E-Flat Pedal Tone – Music from Wagner’s Das Rheingold
E Pedal Tone – Improvisation
F Pedal Tone – Music from Bach’s Organ Toccata in F
F-Sharp Pedal Tone – Improvisation
G Pedal Tone – Music from Franck’s Fantasy in C
A-Flat Pedal Tone – Improvisation
A Pedal Tone – Grigny’s Organ Point
B-Flat Pedal Tone – Improvisation
B Pedal Tone – Improvisation
C Pedal Tone – Byrd’s Bells
C-Sharp Pedal Tone – Newman’s Viola Concerto