Two Violins

Dmitri Kogan
Marianna Vassilieva

The brilliant young violinist Dmitri Kogan is Russian musical royalty: grandson of legendary Russian violinist Leonid Kogan and violin virtuoso Elizaveta Gilels. Dmitri-s duo partner, Marianna Vassilieva, is a remarkable violin prodigy who has already won numerous international competitions and awards. The 25-minute Ysaye Duo is the show-stopper here, tricking the ear into hearing a quartet or at the very least a trio. The Sonata-s original publisher thought the work too difficult to be performed by two violinists, and created an easier version that made a trio out of the rich texture, allocating some of the lines to a viola. Four decades later, the original Violin Duo version was finally performed and recorded by Dmitri-s illustrious grandparents. Virtually neglected since that time, Ysaye’s remarkable Sonata is now championed by Dmitri and Marianna. It is spellbinding in this warm, impassioned performance. The entire program of violin duos is beautifully balanced, with spirited Telemann, graceful Boccherini, and the lovely, sometimes-bittersweet Honegger miniature. We are reminded how satisfying such a program can be in the hands of two imaginative and compelling performers playing music composed by masters of string writing. Don’t miss this recent Delos release with Dmitri Kogan: Shostakovich Violin Concertos 1 and 2 – Dmitri Kogan, violin – Maxim Shostakovich, conductor – Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra – Maestro Shostakovich, son of the composer, says, “Dmitri-s performance is characterized by deep penetration into the composer-s ideas, perfect technical skills, and passion.” The joining together of today-s musical royalty to perform masterpieces composed and originally performed by their legendary forbears offers the contemporary listener an extra sense of excitement. 

Telemann: Duo Sonata No. 3 in D, TWV 40:120 
Boccherini: Duet in G, Op. 5 No. 1 
Honegger: Sonatine for Two Violins 
Ysaye: Duo Sonata for two Solo Violins