Susann McDonald plays concert, Paraguayan and Irish Harps

“Nothing short of mesmerizing” – Billboard
“A guidebook to the instrument and its unique colors… One can almost imagine the harp right in the listening room.” – Audio

Susann McDonald, one of today’s great harpists, takes the listener into the romantic world of the harp. This enchanting program has become an all-time Delos favorite. The concert harp familiar to today’s audiences has a long and fascinating history, and in this album Susann McDonald gives the listener a sense of the instrument’s continuity. The harp goes as far back, in documented history, as 3000 B.C., in Mesopotamia and Egypt. The first European harps appeared in Ireland, where the harp is still considered the national instrument. The Irish harp, popular throughout the ages, was so easily portable that it became a favorite of bards in the courts of Europe. Among South American harps, the Paraguayan harp is the most sophisticated, standardized and popular. It is the official national instrument of Paraguay.

High Performance Review: “One of the most exciting collections of music for this ancient instrument that is available, captured with astounding realism.”
Milwaukee Sentinel: “Not only does this disc afford a fascinating and virtuosic view of the concert harp in comparison with the traditional instruments of Paraguay and Ireland, sonically it is beyond doubt the finest harp recording I ever encountered.”
Pulse: “McDonald’s 17 numbers may well be the perfect introduction to the instrument… The realism of this CD is extraordinary (Delos’ engineers consistently produce superb recordings).”

Concert Harp
Song in the Night – Salzedo
Sonata in D – Mateo Albeniz
Rumores de la Caleta – Isaac Albeniz
Fire Dance – Watkins

Paraguayan Harp
La Guabina – Ortiz
Llanos – Ortiz

Irish Harp
Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms and Irish Gigue – arr. McDonald

Concert Harp
Greensleeves – Anon. arr. McDonald
Courante – Francisque
Pavane et Bransles – Francisque
Etude de Concert – Tournier
Jazz Band – Tournier
La Fille aux cheveux de lin – Debussy arr. McDonald
La Source – Zabel arr. McDonald
La Mandoline – Alvars arr. McDonald
Siciliana – Grandjany