Raffaello Musical Scenes from the Renaissance one-act opera Zarema’s Aria from The Fountain of Bakhchisarai Six Songs, arr. Mnatsakanov

Marina Domashenko, mezzo-soprano
Tatiana Pavlovskaya
Alexander Vinogradov
Vsevolod Grivnov
Constantine Orbelian
Philharmonia of Russia
Spiritual Revival Choir of Russia

Featuring world-class singing sensation Marina Domashenko and under the baton of maestro Constantine Orbelian with the Philharmonia of Russia, ARENSKY’S ‘Raffaello’ (Raphael) – Musical Scenes from the Renaissance is finally available. This one-act opera recording – which also features the bravura showpiece Zarema’s Aria from The Fountain of Bakhchisarai and Six Songs arranged by Walter Mnatsakanov – is the perfect spotlight for Domashenko in the title role and her supporting cast of Tatiana Pavlovskaya, Alexander Vinogradov, Vselevod Grivnov and the Spiritual Revival Choir of Russia. ‘Raffaello’ (Raphael), sung here in the Italian version, is Arensky’s second opera and last major piece he wrote in and for Moscow. Commissioned by the Moscow Society of Art Lovers and first performed in 1894, it is a musical homage to the Renaissance. This significant release is timed to salute Marina’s performances of the title role in CARMEN at the Metropolitan Opera. This release also brings another performance of exacting sonic standards and extraordinary beauty by the Philharmonia of Russia and Maestro Orbelian.Anton Stepanovich Arensky (1861-1906) “Raffaello” (Raphael), Op. 37: Musical Scenes from the Renaissance (opera in one act) – cast – Raphael Santi – Marina Domashenko, mezzo-soprano Fornarina (Raphael’s model) – Tatiana Pavlovskaya, soprano Cardinal Bibiena – Alexander Vinogradov, bass Street Singer (off-stage) – Vsevolod Grivnov, tenor Citizens, apprentices, masked and costumed carnival-goers – Spiritual Revival Choir of Russia (Lev Kontorovich, director)

Introduction (Overture) (5:37)
I. Chorus of Apprentices (3:05)
2. Raphael’s Arioso (4:36)
3. Duet of Raphael and Fornarina (10:43) *
4a. Cardinal’s Aria (2:15)
4b. Trio (1:51)
5. Finale (8:32) * This Duet scene includes the Street Singer’s Song Zarema’s Aria from “The Fountain of Bakhchisarai” Op. 46 (10:36)

Songs and Romances, arr. Walter Mnatsakanov
Kolybel’naya (Lullaby), Op. 70 No. 3 [Lyrics by Shchepkina-Kupernick] (2:47)
Ne zazhigay ognya (Don’t put on the light), Op. 38 No. 3 [Lyrics by D. Ratgauz] (2:16)
Sad ves’ v tsvetu (The garden is blooming), Op. 60 No. 4 [Lyrics by A. Fet] (2:29)
Stranistsy miliye (Sweet pages), Op. 60 No. 3 [Lyrics by A. Fet] (1:22)
Vesnoy (In Spring), Op. 17 No. 2 [Lyrics by an unknown poet] (2:59)
Ya ne skazal tebye (I didn’t tell you), Op. 6 No. 4 [Lyrics by G. Sollogub] (2:32)