Potch Trio

“…both (works) are expressions of the journey through pain and suffering to something positive – whether we call it hope, faith, resolution, acceptance, or peace. Both recognize suffering as well as bliss. Both emphasize beauty.” –Piet Koornhoof

Delos exercises its penchant for rare and eclectic repertoire yet again with this remarkable recording of two highly appealing and emotion-laden works for piano trio by Armenian master Arno Babadjanian (1921-1983) and the legendary Latvian composer Peteris Vasks (b. 1946).

Babadjanian’s Piano Trio plumbs the depths of the human psyche in music that is – by turns – full of dark menace, sweet romance, soulful reflection, searing drama and lush harmonic beauty. Vasks’ similarly sentiment-drenched Episodi e Canto Perpetuo, in the composer’s own words, “… describes a difficult journey through the realms of distress, disappointment, and the suffering of love, which, in particular, forms the central point of the canto.”

The Potch Trio is one of South Africa’s most distinguished chamber ensembles. Their collective skill, emotional depth, interpretive intensity and glowing sound place them among the finest ensembles of their kind anywhere. The trio’s violinist, Piet Koornhof, appears in two other Delos albums with Italian flutist Raffaele Trevisani (DE 3391 & 3399).