Shanghai Quartet
Yi-Wen Jiang

“I grew up with many of the traditional Chinese folk songs and popular music on this album, and played some of these pieces on the violin during the difficult days of the Chinese Cultural Revolution. The themes speak to the individual listener because they are expressive, direct and easily understood. I asked myself ‘Why not arrange them for the string quartet, which is the form I love the most? That way I can play beautiful Chinese music again and also bring it to a wider audience with my group, the Shanghai Quartet.'” – Yi-Wen Jiang

Miao Mountain Morning 
Five Yunnan Folk Songs Reflections of the Moon in the Er-Quan: Spring / Caprice / Shepherd’s Song / Harvest Celebration / Liuyang River / Young Soldier’s Joy 
Two Pieces from Temple Fair 
Yao Dance 
Pictures from Bashu-6 Sichuan Folk Songs (with Eugenia Zukerman, flute) 
Two Shandong Folk Songs Red Flowers in Bloom