Colors of Feelings

Philip Lasser — Nicolette et Aucassin & other song cycles

“The poetry of words and the poetry of music make for a strange alchemy.”

Thus mused distinguished American composer and Juilliard faculty member Philip Lasser, by way of introduction to these world premiere recordings of three lovely and evocative cycles for voice(s) and piano. In Colors of Feelings offers vivid settings of four moving poems by handicapped Tennessean writer Wynelle Ann Carson, who died tragically young. Les Visages de l’Amour treats six varied poetic visions of love by four remarkable French-language poets (including Lasser himself). Nicolette et Aucassin is a fascinating, one-of-a-kind synthesis of ancient and modern for two sopranos and narrator that was inspired by a Medieval French “Chantefable” (sung fable). The original anonymous manuscript contains both the story and the melodies upon which the composer’s music is based.

The album presents rare and remarkable collaborations between composer and performers. Soprano par excellence Susanna Phillips – who both introduced the composer to Carson’s poetry and commissioned the work – performs In Colors of Feelings most beautifully. Vaunted soprano Elizabeth Futral brings Les Visages de l’Amour to vibrant musical life. Both singers’ lovely voices intertwine irresistibly in Nicolette et Aucassin. Pianist extraordinaire Margo Garrett – who originally commissioned the final cycle – provides deft and sensitive instrumental collaboration in all three works. Distinguished actor Michael York provides stirring narrations.

  • World premiere recordings of two striking song cycles and a captivating “sung-fable” of Medieval origin from one of today’s most respected composers
  • Rare creative collaborations between composer and performers
  • Stunning performances from four of the finest artists of their kinds now before the public

Track Listing

    In Colors of Feelings

  1. Death of the Muse
  2. Dream
  3. You Sing for Me
  4. When our Hearts were Young
  5. Les Visages de l’Amour

  6. La Vallee Verdoyante (The Verdant Valley)
  7. Dans les Bois (In the Woods)
  8. Mon Reve Ramilier (My Familiar Dream)
  9. Romance
  10. J’aime une Femme (I Love a Woman)
  11. Souvenir et Plaisir ( Memory and Pleasure)
  12. Nicolette et Aucassin

  13. Narration 1
  14. Qui vauroit…
  15. Narration 2
  16. Nicole est en prison…
  17. Narration 3
  18. Quand le Comte
  19. Narration 4
  20. Nicolette au clair visage…
  21. Etoilette, je te vois…
  22. Narration 5
  23. Aucassin, le beau…