From the Beginning
da Capo Brass

DE 3417

“From the Beginning” to a Glorious End 

In keeping with Delos’ founding principle of showcasing exceptional American artists, here is an auspicious debut recording from da Capo: a superb North Carolina-based brass quintet. Musicians will immediately pick up on the album’s title, “From the Beginning” (English for the musical term “da Capo”). 
And who wouldn’t thrill to the majestic sound of a crack brass ensemble? This instrumental family’s unique sonorities – ranging from the trumpet’s clarion brilliance to the French horn’s mellow tones –can’t be beat for music of noble pomp or stirring glory – not to mention material of a more humorous nature. And, given the brasses’ distinctively varied tonal qualities, what better way to pick apart more complex music like a Bach fugue? 
You’ll hear all these kinds of music, and more, in da Capo’s varied and well-chosen program – including vibrant and fascinating new works that the group has commissioned from leading composers. And you’ll be bowled over by the skill, burnished sound, and tight ensemble of their playing: their members are all internationally acclaimed soloists who hold positions with leading North Carolina colleges, academies and orchestras.

Rolf Wilhelm: Quintet

David Baldwin: Music for Al’s Breakfast
Justin D. Wright: The Protagonist*
*Commissioned by da Capo Brass