Klara Min plays Chopin Mazurkas

“Min plays with the most ravishing piano tone I’ve heard in the last 50 discs I’ve listened to, at least! Her dynamic control is out of this world … anybody’s music would be served well by Min’s touch.”

CHOPIN: Selected Mazurkas — Klara Min, piano

Thus raved American Record Guide’s Stephen Estep in his review of a previous recording by distinguished Korean pianist Klara Min. With this release, Min brings her special touch to a seventeen-piece survey of her favorite Mazurkas – a unique “composer genre” from Frédéric Chopin (1810-1849): widely regarded as the most intimate, heartfelt, emotionally varied, and deeply personal music that this beloved “Poet of the piano” ever wrote. Loosely based on the traditional Polish mazurek dance-form, Chopin applied subtle classical sophistication and advanced (for his day) harmonic schemes to this mostly simple folk-form, elevating it into high musical art that is far better-suited to the concert stage (or classical recordings) than to dancing!

Klara Min – justly renowned for her championing of Korean composers as well as her overall versatility – applies her “ravishing piano tone” to these lovely and affecting works, as well as her rare interpretive acumen, technical wizardry, plus a deeply intuitive and soulful affinity for Chopin’s music.


  • Well-chosen selections from Chopin’s most intimate and deeply personal “composer genre.”
  • Music of exceptional delicacy, subtlety and sheer beauty
  • Touching interpretations from an artist renowned for her sensitivity, versatility and “ravishing tone.”

Stream the “Mazurka Op.59 No.2 in A flat major”

Track Listing:

  1. Op.24 No.4 in B flat minor
  2. Op.30 No.3 in D flat major
  3. Op.30 No.4 in C sharp minor
  4. Op.63 No.2 in F minor
  5. Op.63 No.3 in C sharp minor
  6. Op.67 No.4 in A minor
  7. Op.50 No.3 in C sharp minor
  8. Op.24 No.1 in G minor
  9. Op.24 No.2 in C major
  10. Op.56 No.2 in C major
  11. Op.59 No.1 in A minor
  12. Op.59 No.2 in A flat major
  13. Op.59 No.3 in F sharp minor
  14. Op.67 No.3 in C major
  15. Op.67 No.2 in G minor
  16. Op.68 No.2 in A minor
  17. Op.68 No.4 in F minor