Emanuel Gruber and Arnon Erez inspired a rave from Gramophone for their recording of Beethoven works for cello and piano (Eroica, 2006). “Like-minded musicians give us a Beethoven set that shines” was the headline.

Now the acclaimed Duo offers a captivating new Mendelssohn set that shines and sings and reminds us that there is fresh joy and beauty to be found in this music.

The Gramophone review also mentions that the Duo’s performances have a rare unity, as if a conductor were present: “so like-minded are the musicians in the dialogue… (they) shape with such thoughtfulness and precision that it seems someone has to be directing the whole affair.”

Given such an extraordinary performance level, it is no wonder that this Mendelssohn set is both enchanting and inspiring. In his introduction to the album, cellist Emanuel Gruber writes of his love for Mendelssohn:

“The cello is an ideal medium for rendering the warm, singing quality of his music, as well as its playfulness and exuberance. His creations are noble, generous, optimistic and full of joyful enthusiasm. There may be moments of doubt, melancholy and pain – but they disappear quickly as his impetuous, ever-youthful drive and positive energy take over, lifting us up into an ideal world filled with goodness and hope.”


  • Variations Concertantes, Op. 17
  • Sonata No.1 in B-flat Major, Op. 45
  • Song Without Words, Op. 109
  • Assai Tranquillo
  • Sonata No. 2 in D Major, Op. 58